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Mayda from Mayda MartWelcome to Mayda Mart, where we sell fun and functional paper crafts, printable items and even panties. All paper crafts and printables are instant download, so there’s no waiting for your purchase. Digital items never have a shipping fee and you receive them instantly!

  • Budget Friendly Pricing. All of our printable items and paper crafts are under $3.00! Budget friendly AND Eco-friendly!
  • Paper crafts include DIY paper projects such as gift bags, gift boxes, gift cards and envelopes and greeting cards.
  • Printables! Crisp, clean printable projects include signs, certificates, wall hangings and calendars.
  • Panties? Say what!? Yep, we also have fun and functional panties by mail on eBay. It’s a side-kick we enjoy, what can I say? If you’re curious, you can read more about this oddity on the blog post, Why Panties?
  • Speaking of the Mayda Mart blog… I have this hobby with recipes. I love old recipes and vintage cookbooks and historical food and cooking information, so I’m going to be using my blog to share.
  • Last but certainly not least by any stretch – we support “Made in the USA”!

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