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Natural Remedies for Colds

Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Colds

What can we do to help our bodies through the process of healing a cold? Here are some natural remedies for your body and mind.

  • Rose hip tea is full of vitamin C and can help prevent colds.
  • Lemons, oranges and apple cider are all considered to be cold remedies.
  • For chills, take fresh ginger root.
  • Historically, the layers of the onion were believed to draw contagious diseases from the patient; onions were often hung in sick rooms. Today, we know that onions have antibacterial qualities.
  • Boil a whole onion, and after ward, drink the water. You can add a little butter and salt if the taste is unbearable!
  • Cut up fresh garlic cloves and add them to chicken soup or other foods, or swallow small chunks of raw garlic like pills.
  • Like onion and garlic, horseradish generates lots of heat to help offset colds. According to one farmer we know, a daily horseradish sandwich is the best cold remedy out there!
  • Eat loads of hot and spicy foods like chili to clear the sinuses.
  • Prunes are rich in fiber, vitamins A and B, iron, calcium, and phosphorus. And they’ve been cured themselves!
  • To treat sore lips, go to bed with honey on them.

Home Remedies for Dry Skin

Winter’s low humidity and harsh conditions can do a number on your skin, leaving it flaky, itchy and dry as an old bone. If you don’t want to look like a desert tortoise, take a few precautionary measures.

  • As soon as you get out of the shower or tub, while your skin is still damp, slather on the moisturizing lotion.
  • Choose a lotion brand that has petroleum jelly or lanolin high on the ingredients list.
  • Don’t go outside in any season without using SPF of at least 30 on your face and hands.
  • Try adding lemon juice or vinegar to bath water. Soap, being highly alkaline, may make your skin feel itchy. We also have an e-book with more great tips for using lemons for natural remedies: Natural Beauty With Lemons
  • To soften dry skin, add 1-cup powdered milk to your bath. (It worked for Cleopatra.)
  • Avoid steaming hot water or lengthy immersions, which will strip your skin of its natural oils.

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