1001 Arabian Nights 1959 Mr Magoo Fantasy


This movie is reproduced on a professional grade DVD-R disc and comes in a jewel case. Artwork is imprinted on the DVD exactly as shown in the image.


1001 Arabian Nights DVD 1959 Mr Magoo NR Fantasy Animation

Cast of 1001 Arabian Nights: Jim Backus, Kathryn Grant, Dwayne Hickman, Hans Conried

Storyline: Mr. Magoo’s ancestor, Abdul Aziz Magoo, is the uncle of Aladdin, and falls in love with a princess.

An evil Wazir has been pilfering the Sultan’s treasury and wants to marry the Sultan’s daughter, Yasminda. He pretends to be Magoo’s long-lost brother so he can insinuate himself with Aladdin and enlist his help in finding the magic lamp with the genie. Eventually, Aladdin gains the power of the lamp, becomes smitten with Yasminda himself, and proposes marriage to her, putting himself in direct conflict with the Wazir.

Trivia: 1001 Arabian Nights (1959) was the first feature-length cartoon produced by maverick cartoon studio UPA and was also the first non-Disney American animated feature since the Fleischer Bros.’ MR. BUG GOES TO TOWN.

Product Information for 1001 Arabian Nights

  • Director: Jack Kinney
  • Genre: Animation, Fantasy
  • Production Co.: United Productions of America (UPA)
  • Run time: 75 minutes
  • Sound: Mono
  • Color: Color (Technicolor)

This DVD is reproduced on a professional-grade, high quality DVD-R disk. It will come encased in a jewel case as shown in the image.

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