3D Valentine Greeting Card DIY


3D greeting cards that will “wow” your recipient! These greeting cards will not only impress, they will touch, move and make people smile. Delivered to you after your payment is complete by way of a link to download two simple PDF files.


3D Valentine Greeting Card

A fun and heartfelt 3D Valentine greeting card for you to give to that someone special in your life. This is a DIY 3D Valentine greeting card you make yourself!

Construct a very special 3D project for someone special in your life. To create this 3D Valentine greeting card project successfully, it helps to have certain tools and supplies on hand to complete your project.

List of needed supplies

  • Scissors or a craft knife
  • A cutting surface
  • Self-stick foam pads or foam tape
  • Paste, glue, or double-sided tape
  • Greeting card paper
  • Regular-weight paper for embellishments (optional)

There will be two 1-page PDF files for you to download after your payment is made. The first file is your card while the second file contains your 3D elements.

Open the first PDF file to print your card. You will have to print one side at a time, or, if your printer has a feature for double-sided printing, use that option for extra guidance. The manner in which you print depends upon your personal printer, so you may wish to experiment with a sample card.

Next, you print the embellishments, which involve several layers. Cut each layer out carefully, and then build up the layers on the card’s front panel or the calendar’s top by placing pieces of foam tape or foam pads between each layer. In no time, you’ll have a fantastic 3D card that you gave your own personal touch to for someone special in your life!

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