Animal Stories Big Book by Thornton Burgess


Innocent and fun, these animal stories withstand the test of time and remain not only entertaining, but educational as well.

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Animal Stories Big Book by Thornton Burgess

All children enjoy animal stories and these classics more than fill the bill! The first story in this e-book is “Old Mother West Wind”, written in 1910.

Thornton W. Burgess’s timeless stories have drawn generations of youngsters into the comforting world of the Green Forest, the Smiling Pool, and the Laughing Brook. Along with generous helpings of warmth and whimsy, the entertaining stories also offer valuable lessons about wildlife, the environment, and being true to one’s own nature.

In this collection of irresistible animal tales, children will read about Peter Cottontail, who is up to his floppy ears in dangerous escapades as he tries to outwit the ever-hungry Reddy Fox. Elsewhere in the Green Forest, Buster Bear has a series of run-ins with Little Joe Otter, Farmer Brown’s boy, and even a stubborn metal pail.

Grandfather Frog, in his determination to see the Great World beyond the familiar vistas of the Smiling Pool, learns firsthand about all the pitfalls of greed, boastfulness, and downright stupidity. New Burgess fans will be charmed and delighted by these stories and other exciting tales about Jimmy Skunk, Billy Mink, and their animal friends.

Innocent and fun, these animal stories withstand the test of time and remain not only entertaining, but educational as well.

About Thornton Burgess

Born in Sandwich, Massachusetts, in 1874, Thornton W. Burgess wandered the shores, meadows, and forests of this Cap Cod town during his boyhood, gaining a love and appreciation of nature that formed the spirit of his later work.

As a grown man, Thornton Burgess told bedtime stories about animals and nature to his young son. This was the beginning of Burgess’ career as a much-loved children’s author as well as a highly respected naturalist. In his first book, Old Mother West Wind (1910), Burgess did more than just entertain: he was careful to present his stories so that children could gain a better understanding of the ways of wild creatures. As his popularity grew, Burgess recognized the educational value his work had in teaching children about the habits of animals, and at the same time, he developed in his readers a reverence for nature. It was his aim that those who read his stories would grow to share both his love of nature and his concern for the natural environment and its preservation.

The Animal Stories

  1. Old Mother West Wind
  2. The Adventures of Peter Cottontail
  3. The Adventures of Grandfather Frog
  4. The Adventures of Buster Bear

To navigate the animal stories in this e-book, simply click on your bookmarks icon and click your story of choice from the resulting list on the left side of your PDF reader.

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