Asparagus Cookbook for Delicacy and Variety


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Asparagus Cookbook for Delicacy and Variety

This is a 1920’s vintage recipe asparagus cookbook created to help home makers in using canned asparagus in their every day cooking. Asparagus is healthful yet not always quick to prepare. That’s where canned asparagus comes into play.

From the creator’s of the Asparagus Cookbook. “In presenting this little book, it is our purpose to bring to you a greater appreciation of the wide variety of ways in which California Canned Asparagus may be attractively served. Long famous as a delicacy, this aristocrat of vegetables offers an opportunity to lift everyday meals above the commonplace, and to add a new zest to any meal with a surprising degree of economy.

Under the “Facts you ought to know”, it says some interesting things about asparagus and why canned asparagus is a good addition to the table. As the asparagus cookbooks explains, “Asparagus is so delicate that as soon as it cut from its underground stem, the fibers begin to toughen and the flavor deteriorates. For full flavor and tenderness it must be prepared for the table almost immediately after cutting.

Continued… “Therefore, asparagus intended for canning goes immediately to canneries located right where the asparagus grows. And the asparagus canner exercises such skill and care in every stop of the handling from the moment of cutting, that he is able to enclose in the can a freshness and delicacy which you could not obtain otherwise.

Asparagus Cookbook Contents

  • Facts You Ought to Know About Asparagus.
  • Asparagus Appetizers.
  • Asparagus Soups.
  • Asparagus Salads.
  • Asparagus Served as a Vegetable.
  • Asparagus In Main Course Dishes.
  • Special Occasion Dishes.

See the images for a screen shot of an index of specific recipes in the Asparagus Cookbook within the above noted sections.

Did you know?

Asparagus spears weigh-in at only 4 calories a spear! Read more about this low calorie, healthful vegetable at Fab Foods: Asparagus from our friends at Belly Bytes.

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