Battle Hymn 1957 Rock Hudson Biography History


Battle Hymn is about a remorseful bomber pilot-turned-minister who rejoins the military to train pilots early in the Korean War. He sets up an orphanage but to protect his charges, he has to kill.


Battle Hymn 1957 Rock Hudson Biography History

Stars: Rock Hudson, Martha Hyer, Dan Duryea

Battle Hymn Story Line. Dean Hess, who entered the ministry to atone for bombing a German orphanage, decides he’s a failure at preaching. Rejoined to train pilots early in the Korean War, he finds Korean orphans raiding the airbase garbage. With a pretty Korean teacher, he sets up an orphanage for them and others. But he finds that to protect his charges, he has to kill.

Trivia: Robert Mitchum lobbied for the lead role. However, the real Col. Dean Hess wouldn’t hear of a former jailbird portraying him. He personally approved Rock Hudson instead.

The preacher, Dean Hess, is played beautifully by Rock Hudson. This is definitely a film of the triumph of the human spirit. It’s another solid film for veteran director Douglas Sirk.

Tagline: The true story of Col. Dean Hess, clergyman turned fighter pilot!

Product Information

  • Director: Douglas Sirk
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Production Co.: Universal International
  • Run time: 108 minutes
  • Sound: Mono
  • Color: Color (Eastmancolor)| Color (Technicolor)
  • Widescreen
  • Region: 1 (USA, Canada), NTSC

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In addition to Battle Hymn, you may also enjoy The Gathering of Eagles (1963).  Rock Hudson, an Air Force Colonel, is re-assigned as a cold war B-52 commander who must shape up his men to pass a grueling inspection.

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