Campfire Marshmallow Recipes

Campfire Marshmallow and Creme Recipes


Welcome to our e-books! As a vintage recipe lover, I thought I’d share some of my vast collection in PDF format. Each cookbook will be available for download after your payment is made. Note that no files are stored on this server.

Product Description

Campfire Marshmallow and Creme Recipes

A digitized remake of a vintage recipe booklet for nine great campfire marshmallow treats. This booklet put out in the early 1900s is still great today!

This little campfire marshmallow cookbook only contains nine recipes, but they are recipes every camper should have in their collection. Those nine recipes have withstood the test of time and are still great camping recipes today. All of them feature the use of marshmallow creme.

Recipes in the book are as follows.

  1. Campfire Marshmallow Sponge Cake
  2. Campfire Marshmallow Mold
  3. Campfire Sweet Potatoes (Southern)
  4. Campfire Currant Salad
  5. Campfire Pineapple Ham
  6. Campfire Creme Peach Tapioca
  7. Campfire Creme Nut Sandwiches
  8. Campfire Creme Golden Glow Dessert
  9. Campfire Chocolate Marshmallow Sundae with Campfire Bittersweet Sauce

Each recipe has a full illustration, too!

To grab this steal of a deal, simply pay for the cookbook and you will be granted immediate access to a download link. The cookbook is inĀ  computer-friendly PDF format.

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