Christian Graduation Day Poem Name Art

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A heartfelt Christian Graduation Poem written especially for a graduate embarking on his or her journey through life, is a lasting keepsake to treasure.


Christian Graduation Day Poem

Personalized Name Art Gift 11 x 8.5

Far better than a card, this Christian Graduation Poem is a lasting keepsake s/he will treasure the rest of his or her life. This beautiful poem will be a daily reminder that God wants victory for your Christian graduate as s/he embarks upon his or her journey through life.

The artwork features a graduation gown, cap and card that says, “Congratulations Graduate” on the lower left. A pretty red rose with a diploma dons the lower right.

Christian Graduation Day Poem

To My (or Our) Precious Daughter [Son] on Her Graduation

Congratulations, Janet

He Wants Victory for You

Each worthy dream, within your heart,
each goal that you pursue,
is understood and shared by God,
Who wants victory for you.
If the desires of your heart are right,
and you seek His will,
You’ll find that special purpose,
you were put here to fulfill.
So pursue those dreams, achieve your goals,
Have faith each will come true,
because they’re also shared by Him,
Who wants victory for you!

With God on your side, it’s impossible to fail.
My He bless you as you journey through life.

[Your personal signature]

Each gift is printed on demand. The size of each is 8.5 x 11-inches. The paper is acid-free archival quality lithograph paper. The paper makes a gift that becomes a keepsake that will last forever. This item does not come with a picture frame.

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Personalized for You

Your personalized Christian Graduation art will be shipped in a protective mailer. We use USPS First Class mail. Turn around time is, under normal circumstances, 24 hours or less.

When ordering, there will be a text box for you to send me the name you’d like on your gift, and whether or not it will be from Mom, Dad or Mom and Dad. If you would like the date of the graduation added, be sure to mention that, as well.

Please keep the personal signature to 35 characters or less, including spaces. Names can be up to 15 characters, including spaces.

Thank you for visiting Mayda Mart.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 11 in

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