Circle Drill Math Exercises


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Circle Drill Math Exercises

The circle drillĀ  math exercises in addition and subtraction sets are the perfect way for focusing on addition and subtraction equations while still having fun.

These are commonly used for students learning math, but these can be fun puzzles for any child, aged 4 to adults 24 to 104 to have fun with!

A target number is placed in the inner ring, with various numbers placed in circle surrounding the inner ring. The students then fill in the outer ring with the correct answers.

There are two e-books in this set: One for addition and one for subtraction. The addition is cut-and-dried addition and the subtraction is, too although you do have negative answers, which makes it a good challenge for learning or just doing some fun brain exercises to keep your mind sharp.

Each e-book contains three levels of difficulty, 100 math exercise sets in each level, for a total of 300 addition exercise sets and 300 subtraction exercise sets. With both e-books included in this offer, that’s a grand total of 600 basic math exercises! These PDF books are practical, Eco-friendly AND budget-friendly.

The levels of difficulty are:

  1. Numbers 1 through 25
  2. Numbers 26 through 100
  3. Numbers 101 through 500

Also included in each e-book are the answer keys. They are at the end of the e-book. To navigate the three levels and/or answer keys in your e-book, simply click on “bookmarks” in your PDF reader. Each page is marked and labeled.

Get yourself off devices for a while – and that’s a great idea for kids these days, too. Nothing like good old-fashioned pen, pencil and paper to get the grey matter going in a positive direction.

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