Coupons Holder Accordion Style DIY



Coupons Holder Accordion Style DIY

This accordion style Coupons Holder done by you is such fun to make! And it can be used as gifts, a give-away, group project, etc.

This is a template for you to make your own accordion-style Coupons holder and it’s super simple. You’ll need card stock paper and a scissors. If you have a scoring knife, that would be helpful in scoring the lines for folding. This is nothing for the experienced crafter. Even if you’re new to paper crafts, you will also find it is super simple!

The best thing is, having the template allows you to make as many as you please. If you goof one up, just start over. Kids enjoy making these, too.

Instructions for Assembling the Coupons Holder

1. Print pages 1 and 2 double-sided on card stock.
2. Cut out around the outline of the cover and score the two middle lines for easy folding of the spine.
3. Print page 3 on card stock. Cut out around the two rectangles and score the inner lines as directed.
4. Accordion fold (press one way, then the opposite way) the scored lines on the two rectangles. (See picture four).
5. Glue or tape the accordion folded rectangles to the inside of the cover as shown in the diagram.

The complete instructions are on page 3 of the 3-page PDF file you will receive when your payment is processed. Decorate these further, if desired and use your imagination. It’s fun. Put your own creative touches on your finished organizer to make it personally yours!

If you’d like a closure on your new Coupons Holder, you could add a ribbon to the back to tie around the front. Or even a button or snap! This is where your creativity comes in!

You are free to make and use these as you please, including selling those you’ve made them, if you wish. But you are not free to sell the PDF document.

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