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Welcome to our e-books! As a vintage recipe lover, I thought I’d share some of my vast collection in PDF format. Each cookbook will be available for download after your payment is made. Note that no files are stored on this server.


Cream of Wheat Cookbook – Vintage 1920

A 1920 Cream of Wheat Cookbook digitized for a cookbook in a PDF instant download! All of the recipes can still be made today and have the key ingredient of Cream of Wheat.

Excerpts from the Cream of Wheat Cookbook

“…we have as nearly an ideal health food as it is possible to conceive. Dyspeptics and others who are troubled with weak digestion will find Cream of Wheat a boon out of all proportion with its money value. As a food for infants it is also without a peer. Delicate, nutritious and healthful, it is a blessing alike to sick room and nursery.”

“Cream of Wheat is, however, not only one of the most desirable foods for those of feeble health and weak digestion, but is in addition one of the most delicious breakfast foods ever placed upon the table, and is as healthful as it is dainty.”

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Recipes in the Cream of Wheat Cookbook

  • Breakfast Porridge.
  • Pudding.
  • Pudding No. 2.
  • Cream of Wheat Ice Pudding.
  • Cream of Wheat with Berries.
  • Plain Pudding.
  • Cream of Wheat Entree.
  • Chocolate Blanc Mange.
  • Hot Pudding.
  • Cranberry Pudding
  • Quick Lunch Pudding.
  • Children’s Diet.
  • Golden Wheat Pudding.
  • Cream of Wheat la Glace.
  • Favorite Gems.
  • Apple Pudding.
  • Snowflake Pudding with Cloth of Gold.
  • Griddle Cakes.
  • Pudding (3 Variations).
  • Madge’s Pudding.
  • Steamed Pudding without Eggs.
  • Baked Fruit Pudding.
  • Cream of Wheat Balls.
  • Chocolate Blanc Mange.
  • Pudding (4 Variations).
  • Fruited Wheat.

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