Doolins of Oklahoma 1949 Randolph Scott Western


When the Daltons are killed, gang member Bill Doolin arriving late escapes & kills a man. Now wanted for murder, he becomes the leader of the Doolins gang.


Doolins of Oklahoma 1949 Randolph Scott Western

Stars: Randolph Scott, George Macready, Louise Allbritton

At the beginning we see the Dalton gang carry out the famed disastrous raid on Coffeyville, Kansas, a fiasco that only Doolin survives because his horse went lame at the last minute

Now wanted for murder, he becomes the leader of the Doolins, a gang of outlaws. He eventually leaves the gang and tries to start a new life under a new name. But the old gang members appear and his true identity becomes known. So once again he becomes an outlaw trying to escape from the law.

As directed by Gordon Douglas, the film offers several bursts of exciting, well-staged western action. These include lots of chases on horseback and some amazing feats of horsemanship. Scott is doubled in the long shots, but he does his own furious riding in medium-shot.

Product Information

  • Director: Gordon Douglas
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Production Co.: Producers-Actors Corporation
  • Run time: 90 minutes
  • Sound: Mono
  • Color: Black and White
  • Region: 1 (USA, Canada), NTSC

Sample Video from The Doolins of Oklahoma

Did you know?

  • Randolph Scott starred in Hot Saturday with Cary Grant, when Mr. Grant was just a newcomer.
  • Bill Doolin was an outlaw operating in Oklahoma territory in the 1890’s. He was captured in 1896 by a devoted lawman named Bill Tilghman who had spent four years doggedly pursuing him. Doolin escaped from prison but was eventually shot down by a U.S. Marshal named Heck Thomas.

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