Easy Maze Puzzles Plus Answer Keys


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Easy Maze Puzzles Plus Answer Keys 100 Printable

Easy Maze Puzzles for kids of all ages, with 100 fun puzzles that never get old. There are different types of maze shapes, too – circles, diamonds, tubular, etc. Countless hours of fun and brain exercise await! Includes answer book with answers to each maze.

With these digital PDF Easy Maze Puzzles in e-book format (PDF), if one maze gets ruined, simply print a fresh copy! That’s the economical beauty of having these on hand in computer-friendly PDF format.

The Easy Maze Puzzles are in black and white with colored arrows showing where to start and where to end. These are very easy on printer ink!

Mazes make great mind exercises for kids from 4 to 104. They are a great activity to get kids of all ages off their devices and using their brains. They’re also nice for a nursing home activity. Good mind exercise for any one at any age.

In fact,  a number of mind games and activities can help seniors increase focus and concentration, memory skills, and reasoning.  It’s similar when we’re young and just learning these skills. As we age, we need to keep those skills sharp. Encourage seniors to play brain games that include activities including crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, math games, and maze games to help keep their brains functioning at optimal levels, and have fun and a few laughs while they’re doing it.

PLUS! You will also receive a fun, FREE e-book of 36 dinosaur mazes (and answer book) as a bonus free gift with purchase.

All mazes are in a PDF e-book whereby you can choose to print one at a time – no waste, which means these are Eco-friendly, too.

After your payment is processed you will receive a link to the PDF Easy Maze Puzzles book containing all the fun mazes and their answer keys. There will be two files for you to download: The Easy Maze Puzzles book and the file with the answer keys (also in PDF). The books are simple to navigate – just use your PDF reader’s bookmarks.

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