Educational Word Search Puzzle Book


This PDF educational word search puzzle book consists of 27 different word search puzzles, PLUS answer sheets. Make learning fun and get kids of all ages off their devices for a spell! Includes a *FREE* holiday word search puzzle book!


Educational Word Search Puzzle Book PDF Instant Download

Educational Word Search Puzzles – fun, learning power and brain exercise  all in one. Make learning fun for kids of all ages!

This word search puzzle book consists of 27 different word search puzzles. It also includes answer sheets for each puzzle. Make learning fun and get kids of all ages off their devices for a spell. Puzzles you work out on paper are so much better for the mind than games played on phones or TV. These make a great learning activity for kids, or a relaxing activity for senior citizens.

Plus, with a PDF book of puzzles you have a never-ending supply. In addition to being Eco and budget-friendly, the puzzle pages are also easy on your printer ink. Each page is in black and white and prints nice and clear at 300 dpi.

There are 27 educational word search puzzles in this book. Each one was created to help educate on a variety of topics. The titles of the puzzles are as follows.

Puzzle Titles

  1. At the Beach
  2. Camping Out
  3. At the Carnival
  4. Chemical Elements
  5. Civil War Sites
  6. Cartoons
  7. Literature
  8. Movies
  9. Colonial America
  10. Flower Names
  11. Geology
  12. Ice Cream Flavors
  13. The Garden
  14. The Kitchen
  15. The Lab
  16. Jukebox Hits
  17. National Monuments
  18. National Parks
  19. On the Road
  20. Science Fiction
  21. State Capitals
  22. Thankful for…
  23. Toolbox
  24. Under the Hood
  25. US States
  26. Wild West
  27. World Cities

BONUS: Holiday Word Search Puzzles Secret Messages

Holiday word search puzzles for adults and youth ages 8 and up. Celebrate the holidays and have some fun and brain exercise!

These puzzles all have various holiday themes and a hidden message to decode when the puzzle is complete. The answers included are there to assist you with decoding your secret message, but you have to do the work yourself. It’s like getting two puzzles in one!

There are 15 fun word search puzzles in this book. There are a two without a secret message to decode. In this case the solutions will be given in a different format, but all solutions are included in the book. They follow the puzzles. The titles of the puzzles are as follows.

  1. Happy New Year
  2. Be My Valentine!
  3. Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day
  4. Easter
  5. A Holy Easter
  6. Haunted Halloween
  7. Trick-or-Treat
  8. Thankful For (no secret message)
  9. Christmas Carols
  10. Christmas Tree (no secret message)
  11. Baking Christmas Cookies
  12. Frosty the Snowman
  13. Santa Claus
  14. Santa’s Reindeer
  15. Dickens Christmas Carol

To navigate the pages, simply use your PDF reader bookmarks. Each page is clearly labeled for you. The index titles are also links that will take you to its corresponding page.

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