Fear Strikes Out Anthony Perkins Biography


Fear Strikes Out covers Jimmy Piersall’s life from a 12 year old boy in Waterbuary Ct. through his being committed for treatment of his mental illness.


Fear Strikes Out 1957 Anthony Perkins Biography Drama Black & White

Stars: Anthony Perkins, Karl Malden, Norma Moore

Fear Strikes Out covers Jimmy Piersall’s life from a 12 year old boy in Waterbury, CT through being committed into a institution for mental illness. It is thought his illness was due to the his fear that he’d never be the person his father wanted him to be. He also feared he wouldn’t be able to care and provide for his parents, his newlywed wife and their new born daughter.

Jim Piersall is groomed by a hard-driving father living vicariously through his son. The father pushes him to play major league baseball. Jim’s desire to please his father leads to a nervous breakdown. Can he overcome those difficulties and return to the major leagues?

Despite a fine record as a professional baseball player, Jimmy overcoming fear that almost destroyed him was his greatest achievement. The best part of the movie was when John Piersall finally understood what he did to Jimmy.

Fear Strikes Out was a bold undertaking with timeless appeal.  The appeal of this film is not limited to baseball fans. It is more like baseball is a backdrop to the heavy issue of mental illness.

Product Information

  • Director: Robert Mulligan
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Production Co.: Paramount Pictures
  • Run time: 100 minutes
  • Sound: Mono
  • Color: Black and White

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