Flicka 3 DVD Complete Series by Mary O Hara


The Flicka 3 DVD Complete Series includes My Friend Flicka, Thunderhead – Son of Flicka, and Green Grass of Wyoming all based on the novels by Mary O Hara.


Flicka 3 DVD Set Complete Series by Mary O Hara

The Flicka 3 DVD Set Complete Series includes My Friend Flicka, Thunderhead – Son of Flicka, and Green Grass of Wyoming all based on the novels by Mary O Hara. Very good for the whole family. Great stories from a better time in our history!

Note: This is not the Chinese knock-off floating around. This is made in the USA.

My Friend Flicka (1943)

Stars: Roddy McDowall, Preston Foster

This gorgeous 1943 family film stars Roddy McDowell as a Colorado rancher’s son who takes a shine to a colt named Flicka and trains her. The boy’s father isn’t happy about the idea because the horse is an offspring of a stormy mare who may not be right in the head. For a while, Flicka seems determined to prove the rancher’s point, fiercely resisting young McDowell’s efforts at domestication. But persistence and love win the day, and Flicka grows up to be a magnificent animal and friend.

The film has perfect elements as a Technicolor sweep of the beautiful Rocky Mountains setting with a wonderful story. Plus, McDowell has  charismatic earnestness. Based on the Mary O Hara novel, this film is the original best as a perennially worthy adventure tale for kids ages 5 and up. The run time is 89 minutes.

Sample Video From My Friend Flicka

Thunderhead, Son of Flicka (1945)

A sequel to the wildly popular, heart-warming children’s classic My Friend Flicka, Thunderhead stars the original winsome young Roddy McDowall as the horse-lover against all odds. The sequel is every bit as touching, involving, and misty-eye-inducing as the original film. Thunderhead, a headstrong albino colt, is the son of the mare Flicka. McDowall’s Ken McLaughlin sets out to find out what this wild thing can do. Thunderhead, when given his head, can fly as though winged! Ken decides to enter Thunderhead in some horse races. But soon it becomes clear that Thunderhead can fly only if he’s free Thunderhead, Son of Flicka is a worthy successor to the original film, and a touching family film for horse lovers of all ages. 78 minutes.

Sample Video From Thunderhead: Son of Flicka

Green Grass of Wyoming (1948)

The final installment in Mary O Hara’s landmark horse saga is a worthy valentine to the love of horses and the wild America they represented in the mid-20th century. Robert Arthur replaces Roddy McDowall as Ken McLaughlin, the boy horse whisperer who connects on a subliminal level with four-legged critters. The equine star is Crown Jewel, a harness racing trotter for whom Ken has hopes of championships and financial windfalls. But Jewel has something else on her mind – love, for the stallion Thunderhead. The breathtaking scenery and cinematography will charm even those film fans who aren’t big horse lovers. Burl Ives makes the most of his side-kick role as Gus, and Lloyd Nolan is sympathetic as Ken’s financially struggling dad. 89 minutes.

Sample Video From Thunderhead: Son of Flicka


The movies in this set are reproduced on professional grade DVD-R discs and come in a 4-disc, black DVD case. The cover art is imprinted on the cover and DVD’s exactly as shown in the images.

You may also enjoy Smoky, starring Fred MacMurray. This is a sweet family drama about the strong bond between a cowpoke and a wild bronco set during the 1940’s. In addition to the Flicka series, you may also enjoy April Love, starring Pat Boone and Shirley Jones.

Another good animal-loving flick is Call of the Wild.  Jack has trouble winning at cards for what he needs to get to Alaska gold fields. His luck changes when he pays for Buck, a sled dog.

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