Food Puzzles Connect the Dots


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Food Puzzles Connect the Dots

Twenty connect-the-dots food puzzles in the shape of popular, good-for-you fruits! Fun and brain stimulating for kids of all ages with fruits from apples to zucchini.

Food Puzzles in connect the dots format comes to you in a PDF e-book containing all 20 puzzles on separate pages. This means that you can print these over and over again for an unlimited, lifetime supply. Just be sure to keep a back up copy!

A computer-friendly PDF copy is not only economical, but Eco-Friendly, as well! You print what you need, when you need them. If you haven’t done much with digital downloads, this is a great introduction for only one-dollar. It’s really very simple and better yet, FAST.

Puzzles that engage in activities that require a bit more thought process and creativity help develop skills and the creative process. Puzzles like this are a great way to get kids off the devices for a while and give them an opportunity to expand their mind capabilities.

If something spills on one or someone just goofs up, just pull up your chosen puzzle and print a fresh copy.

The puzzles are all done in black and white to be as easy on your printer ink as possible.

Kids can work their minds to complete the puzzle, then color the resulting image using their creativity. Connect-the-Dot puzzles are a fun way for kids to practice number sequencing. They can then let their creativity flow by coloring in the fruits, working to stay within the lines they drew themselves.

The Food Puzzles

The 20 fruit and vegetable food puzzles included in this e-book are as follows.

01. Apple
02. Apple Happy Face
03. Banana
04. Beans
05. Broccoli
06. Carrot 1
07. Carrot 2
08. Cherry
09. Grapes
10. Mushroom
11. Onion
12. Pepper
13. Pineapple
14. Pumpkin 1
15. Pumpkin 2
16. Radish
17. Tomato 1
18. Tomato 2
19. Watermelon
20. Zucchini

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