Frontier Marshall 1939 Western


This is a version of the famous Gunfight at OK Corral with Scott as Wyatt Earp and Romero as Doc Holiday.

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Frontier Marshall DVD 1939 Randolph Scott Western Black & White NR

Stars of Frontier Marshall: Randolph Scott, Nancy Kelly, Cesar Romero

This is a version of the famous Gunfight at OK Corral with Scott as Wyatt Earp and Romero as Doc Holiday.

The main character in Frontier Marshall is Wyatt Earp (Randolph Scott) newly deputized as marshal to try to bring some law into the town of Tombstone. The character Of Doc Holiday (Ceasar Romero) also plays a prominent role.

In Tombstone, Arizona saloon Ben Carter owns, the sheriff is unwilling to stop Indian Charlie from shooting up the place, so new arrival Wyatt Earp does. Earp is beaten by some of Carter’s hired men for taking the law into his own hands.

Dance hall girl Jerry is upset with Earp, so when her sweetheart Doc Halliday gets to town, a showdown seems imminent. Earp and Doc instead become friends. Earp takes over as the lawman in town and also tries to convince Doc’s former sweetheart Sarah Allen that their relationship can still work out.

The two men work together after visiting entertainer Eddie Foy is taken captive, and also when Jerry joins forces with Carter to plan the robbery of a gold shipment. Doc is forced to perform surgery to save a life, then is shot in the back by Carter. Earp avenges his friend’s death and Jerry leaves.

Frontier Marshal co-stars Nancy Kelly, Cesar Romero as “Doc Halliday” (the name was changed for the film from the original “Holliday” because of fear of litigation from Holliday’s family), John Carradine, and Lon Chaney, Jr.. Ward Bond appears as the town marshall. Eddie Foy, Jr. plays the large supporting role of his father, entertainer Eddie Foy, in this as well as three other feature films, and looked almost exactly like his famous father.

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Product Information for Frontier Marshall

  • Director: Allan Dwan
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Production Co.: 20th Century Fox
  • Run time: 71 minutes
  • Sound: Mono
  • Color: Black and White

Did you know?

Randolph Scott starred in Hot Saturday with Cary Grant, when Mr. Grant was just a newcomer. ‘
This movie is reproduced on a professional-grade DVD-R disc and comes in a jewel case. Artwork is imprinted on the DVD exactly as shown in the image.

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