Great Sioux Uprising Jeff Chandler Western


In Great Sioux Uprising, Joan Britton, gorgeous frontier horse dealer, and less scrupulous Stephen Cook are competitors supplying horses to the Union Army.


The Great Sioux Uprising 1953 Jeff Chandler Western Color

Stars: Jeff Chandler, Faith Domergue, Lyle Bettger

The Great Sioux Uprising Story Line. During the American Civil War, Bettger is the biggest horse dealer around. He’d like to merge with another dealer, Faith Domergue to crush his other competitors. The reason he’s the biggest horse dealer around is because he steals his horses from the Indians. The then turns around and gets top dollar for them from the army. Kind of an unfair advantage don’t you think?

Enter Jeff Chandler, former Union Army surgeon now a veterinarian who has given people doctoring because of a war wound. He now tends only to animals. He catches on to what Bettger is doing and tries to organize an opposition. There’s also a Confederate general in the area looking to make his own deal with the Sioux. It all adds up to an interesting western of the Civil War era.

The Great Sioux Uprising is notable for 1953 for its relatively strong anti-racist message both to the Abolitionist issue in the Civil War and to the failed promises to Native Americans. The tendency of Westerns to skirt over race entirely or to present a favorable interpretation of the Confederate cause makes this no small issue.

Elmer Daves’ Broken Arrow of 1950 with James Stewart and Jeff Chandler had already raised the issue of Indian grievances against US Indian policy, but this film emphasizes the message.

Did you know?

Studio publicity materials indicate that local Oregon tribes such as Walla Walla, Cayuse and Umatilla were used in The Great Sioux Uprising to depict the Sioux Indians.

Product Information

  • Director: Lloyd Bacon
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Production Co.: Universal International Pictures
  • Run time: 80 minutes
  • Sound: Mono (Western Electric Recording)
  • Color: Color (Technicolor)

Video Sample from The Great Sioux Uprising


This movie arrives on a professional grade DVD-R disc placed in a slim jewel case. The cover art is exactly as shown in the image.

You may also enjoy Two Flags West, starring Jeff Chandler along with Joseph Cotten and Linda Darnell. During the American Civil War, in 1863, Confederate prisoners of war agree to join forces with the Union Army in the common fight against Indians.

There’s also Battle at Apache Pass, which combines two true elements, one that happened in 1861 and in 1862, making this something of a prequel to Broken Arrow from 1950.

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