Great Western Cookbook 1850s Recipes


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Great Western Cookbook – 1850s Recipes

The Great Western Cookbook will take you back to the Wild, Wild West with authentic old-West recipes – or “receipts” as they were then called – direct from the 1850s! The novice cook will find these a bit of a mystery, yet can learn an awful lot about the means and ways of nourishment in the days of America’s finest pioneers.

For the experienced cook, every recipe in this book can be adapted to modern cooking, or better yet, be tried the way they were cooked in the 1850’s and beyond. There are tips and suggestions with many of the recipes but the terminology used is from those “days of yore“.

Cooking over a fire is a fascinating and challenging way to make everything from meals to desserts.

Sample Recipe from The Great Western Cookbook

To Boil Ham
Put it in soak the night before. Give it plenty of water room and put it in while the water is cold. Skim it well and keep it simmering gently. A middling sized ham will be done in four or five hours. If not to be cut cold, it will cut the shorter and more tender for being boiled still longer. Pull off the skin carefully, and preserve it as whole as possible – it will serve to keep it moist. Grate a crust of bread over the ham.

There are 165 pages with 15 chapters filled with recipes written out the way they were originally documented. Chapters include soups, fish, boiling, sauces and gravies, preserves, pickling, vegetables, breads, roasting and broiling along with desserts such as cakes, pies and puddings.

This cookbook also includes a small chapter of popular beverages that are still popular today i.e., Apple Toddy, Hot Chocolate, etc. Most “receipts” also have illustrations of the dishes made in more modern times.

Commence to cooking your victuals!

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