Greeting Card Just Because


Greeting cards that have a REAL message! These greeting cards will not only impress, they will touch, move and make people smile. Delivered to you after your payment is complete by way of a link to download a simple PDF format, ready to open and print – over and over again.


Greeting Card Just Because You Make the World Better

A very special I Love You Greeting Card Just Because, for someone very special. The poem says so much many of us can’t or don’t say often enough to that special someone. This card will not only delight and touch someone’s soul, it will be something your recipient can keep and enjoy looking at over and over again.

I mean seriously…who doesn’t like to be told their loved?

The front of the greeting card reads, “Sometimes I feel like tuning out everything because of all that’s going wrong in the world. Then I think of you, and the world starts looking a lot better…

On the inside it says, “Just because you’re in it“. The left hand side shows a cozy setting of a bistro set with a vase of flowers and two coffee cups.

On the back, where your recipient may look to see how much you paid or where you purchased your card, instead he or she will see a message that this card was made with love especially for them!

There are no water markings or other notations on the card. In other words, your recipient may think YOU made the card yourself! No need to say you didn’t and if asked, you can simply say, “Ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies“. 🙂 That usually brings on a bonus smile.

The card size is half fold, or 5 x 7-inches. Your ‘greeting card just because’ will be delivered to you via a simple, small PDF file. As soon as your payment is complete, you will have access to a link to download the greeting card.  Open the file with your PDF reader and click print. You’ll be holding your card in mere moments.

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