Gunpoint 1966 Audie Murphy Western


Gunpoint: The story of a town with a gun in its back! In the 1880’s, Chad Lucas, sheriff of Lodgepole, is shot by his deputy, as he tries to halt a robbery.


Gunpoint Audie Murphy Joan Staley Western

Stars: Audie Murphy, Joan Staley, Warren Stevens

Gunpoint Story Line. In the 1880’s, Chad Lucas, sheriff of the Colorado town of Lodgepole, is shot by Cap, his deputy, as he tries to halt a train robbery. The town depended on the stolen money for its survival. Cap, believing Chad to be dead, begins to take over the job he has coveted, but Chad recovers from his wounds and determines to retrieve the money. Going outside his jurisdiction to a New Mexico town, he finds Drago, the head of the gang that robbed the train.

Drago, found in a saloon, escapes using dance hall singer Uvalde as cover. Nate, who loves Uvalde, joins the posse, unaware that Chad and Uvalde were once lovers. After the posse is depleted from an Apache attack, Uvalde, released by Drago to distract the attention of the Indians, is found. Held up by three horse-hunters led by Bull, Chad and Nate escape when Drago and his men attack the camp and kill Bull. Uvalde reveals the whereabouts of the gang even though her brother is among them…

Tagline: The story of a town with a gun in its back!

Product Information

  • Director: Earl Bellamy
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Production Co.: Universal Pictures
  • Run time: 86 minutes
  • Sound: Mono
  • Color: Color (Technicolor)

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