Halloween Mini Cards Printable Lot of 5


These fun paper craft projects will not only impress, they will touch, move and make people smile. Delivered to you after your payment is complete by way of a link to download a few simple, small PDF files, ready to open, print and create – over and over again. These are the purchases that keep on giving!


Halloween Mini Cards Printable Lot of 5 Print-on-Demand Cards Paper Craft Set

Five Halloween mini cards in instantly printable PDF files. These are creative and so much fun to make – most kids love them as do their friends when they pass these out! The pictures should give you a good idea how these will look when you make them. But you can probably make them even nicer with a little extra TLC!

That’s kids of all ages, by the way. 😉

Each of the two mini cards is given to you in a separate PDF file. The page you print comes complete with the templates needed and full instructions. See the images above for samples.

The Hand-crafted set contains:

  1. 3 Greeting Cards
  2. Matching Envelope

The Hand-crafted set is a 5-page PDF document with complete instructions on each page for each card and the envelope. Please see the last photo above for images of each of the projects included in this file.

Instructions for the Accordion Card

  1. Print out page on standard paper.
  2. Cut around edge of card.
  3. Fold card along lines like an accordion.
  4. Cut around edge of envelope.
  5. Fold along the lines to fold the rounded sides inward. Note: The bat should be on the top.
  6. Using tape or glue, affix the sides together in the middle of the envelope.

Instructions for the Card With Ribbon Embellishment

Note: You will need your own ribbon, obviously!

  1. Print out page on standard paper.
  2. Cut around edge of card.
  3. Fold card along line.
  4. Cut around edge of embellishments.
  5. Punch 2 holes through the tops of both embellishments.
  6. Thread ribbon through the holes.
  7. Use double stick tape to attach embellishment to card front.

The Hand-Crafted Set

There are five total pages, four of them with projects – 3 cards and one envelope. See the image above to see how each card and the envelope will look. Just as the mini cards, thorough, complete instructions are included on each page.

The purchased product will NOT have any watermarks or other markings on them.

Everything you need – for each project – you simply print on one standard size sheet of paper! You can make as many as you wish, as often as you need/want.

You are free to use these for personal use only; no re-selling allowed.

Buy now, download instantly! When payment is complete, you will be led to download a zip file, which requires an unpacking utility such as Win Zip, which comes with most version of Windows. If you need one, the free 7-Zip unpacks a host of archive formats, including ZIP files. Unpacking a zip file is as easy as clicking a link – simply click on the zip file icon. The file will open and you can choose where to unzip it to on your computer.

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