Kids Maze Puzzle Collection 4 to 104


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Kids Maze Puzzle Collection 4 to 104 Easy to Super Hard

The Kids maze puzzle collection gives you great mind exercises for kids from 4 to 104! Challenge your mind and keep it sharp with a super hard maze, or relax and have some fun with an easy or medium-difficulty maze puzzle.

Easy mazes can be given to children ages 4-5. By age 6 or so, they should be able to complete the medium-difficulty mazes. By ages 8 and up, the hard and adults can really challenge themselves with the super hard mazes.

In super simple to print-on-demand PDF files, you can now own 210 maze puzzles – forever! Simply pick out a puzzle you’d like to print, use the print page option of your PDF viewer and you can print one puzzle at a time.

Having the Kids Maze Puzzle Collection on hand in an e-book (PDF) format saves money and waste, plus you’ll never run out! One purchase and you have a lifetime supply of mind-challenging mazes in four different levels. Mess one up? No problem, just print another!

The Kids Maze Puzzle Collection are all done in black and white for minimal ink usage from your printer. They have two pictures each, which are in color but kept to a smaller size. The images help make the mazes fun for kids (of all ages) in addition to guiding you from the beginning of the maze to the end.

You will receive 4 PDF files via links that will be emailed to you when you purchase the Kids Maze Puzzle Collection. There are 50 easy mazes in one PDF, 50 medium-difficulty mazes in PDF, 50 hard mazes in PDF and a bonus of 60 SUPER hard mazes in PDF!

This Kids Maze Puzzle Collection will give you an endless, lifetime supply of fun mazes to suit any mood, at any time.

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