Love Before Breakfast 1936 Comedy


Carole Lombard, the queen of comedy, in another 1936 film called “Love Before Breakfast” adapted from Faith Baldwin’s short story “Spinster Dinner”.


Love Before Breakfast DVD 1936 Carole Lombard Comedy Black & White NR

Stars of Love Before Breakfast: Carole Lombard, Preston Foster, Cesar Romero

Carole Lombard, the queen of comedy, in another 1936 film called Love Before Breakfast adapted from Faith Baldwin’s short story “Spinster Dinner“.

The film’s premise is straightforward: Lombard plays Kay Colby, a young socialite convinced she’s in love with Bill Wadsworth (Cesar Romero), a fellow quickly identified as the douche who is all wrong for her. Her Mr. Right is Preston Foster’s Scott Miller, who happens to own the oil company Wadsworth works for.

We quickly discover Miller is in love with Colby. He’s also manipulative and sneaky, for as the film opens we find Miller is purposefully sending her rather self-centered beau away on assignment on a ship to Japan . And he manages to finagle it so that his own Ms. Wrong, a yappy countess with an entourage of similarly disposed dogs, is going on the same ship. Colby and Wadsworth bump into him (more accurately, they bump into his parked car and then him) at the dock.

So the stage is set for an epic 2nd act featuring the screwball comedy battle of wills, which will steadily escalate in madness and will only let up in the last minute.

Sample Video From Love Before Breakfast

Product Information for Love Before Breakfast

  • Director: Walter Lang
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Production Co.: Universal Studios
  • Run time: 70 minutes
  • Sound: Mono
  • Color: Black and White

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