Man In The Shadow 1957 Jeff Chandler Orson Welles


Man in the Shadow is a traditional, straightforward B movie. A small town lawman stands up against a powerful citizen to defend a minority.


Man In The Shadow 1957 Jeff Chandler Orson Welles

Stars: Jeff Chandler, Orson Welles, Colleen Miller

Man in the Shadow is a traditional, straightforward B movie.

Spurline, a modern cow town, is run by Virgil Renchler. Virgil is the owner of the Golden Empire Ranch. One night, two of Virgil’s henchmen go a little too far and beat a “bracero” ranch hand to death. Faced with a cover-up and opposition on every hand, sheriff Ben Sadler is goaded into investigating. His unlikely ally is Renchler’s self-willed and overprotected daughter. Will Ben survive Renchler’s wrath?

The plot is a politically correct affair about small town lawman standing up against a powerful citizen to defend a minority. Family and friends urge Ben to leave well enough alone, but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

Jeff Chandler is compelling. The most memorable moment is when Chandler is dragged by his wrists down Main Street. Sometimes he’s on his belly behind a pick-up truck. Orson Welles lent enormous prestige just by his appearance. His portrait of a malevolent Ben Cartwright is a great piece of work.

With the debate over illegal immigration from south of the American border, Man in the Shadow is a film that has a serious relevance for us today.

Tagline: “I’M YOUR LAW…yet you tell me to forget about Violence and Murder!” (original print ad)

Product Information

  • Director: Jack Arnold
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Production Co.: Albert Zugsmith Productions
  • Run time: 80 minutes
  • Sound: Mono
  • Color: Black and White
  • Subtitles: Spanish
  • Region: 1 (USA, Canada), NTSC

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Another flick you may enjoy is Star in the Dust, with John Agar. Abandoned to his fate by gutless townspeople, a sheriff must fight alone. On a similar note, there’s also Ride the Pink Horse, starring Robert Montgomery, which takes place in the border-town of San Pablo.

On more honorable mention – Orson Welles in the set Touch of Evil and Three Cases of Murder.

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