Manhandled Dan Duryea Crime Drama Film-Noir


In Manhandled, Merle Kramer works as a stenographer for a psychiatrist. She is casually dating Karl Benson, a private eye and former cop.


Manhandled 1949 Dan Duryea Crime Drama Film-Noir

Starring: Dan Duryea, Dorothy Lamour, Sterling Hayden

Manhandled Story Line. Merle Kramer works as a stenographer for a psychiatrist. She is casually dating Karl Benson, a private eye and former cop. Merle mentions in passing that one of her boss’s patients is an author with recurring dreams of murdering his wife, and she includes the fact that the wife owns valuable jewels. When the wife is found murdered in a manner identical to that of her husband’s dream, the husband is naturally the prime suspect. But as the investigation of the police and insurance investigator Joe Cooper proceeds, it turns out that several people in the case, including Merle, are not what they seem.

The psychiatrist’s transcriptionist not only sits in on his sessions but later climbs the stairs to her Manhattan walk-up and spills the beans to her neighbor Dan Duryea, ex-cop now doing repo jobs and divorce frame-ups. So much for codes of confidentiality. When a signet ring she found while vacuuming her sofa and then pawned brings the police to her door, along with insurance investigator, it starts to look bad. It doesn’t help that she just blew in from Los Angeles with forged letters of reference…

Dan Duryea is up to par playing a sleazy double-crosser. The always reliable Alan Napier is a highlight of the film playing the stoic, self-righteous jilted husband.

Product Information

  • Director: Lewis R. Foster
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Production Co.: Pine-Thomas Productions
  • Run time: 97 minutes
  • Sound: Mono
  • Color: Black and White

Sample Video from Manhandled


This movie arrives on a professional grade DVD-R disc placed in a slim jewel case. The cover art is exactly as shown in the image.

In addition to Manhandled, you may also enjoy Undertow, a 1949 Scott Brady crime-drama. Another good crime-drama starring Sterling Hayden is Naked Alibi, a gritty film noir story. Sterling Hayden is excellent in these sorts of tough-guy roles.

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