Maniac 1963 UK Kerwin Mathews Horror


Eve and Jeff concoct a plot to help free Eve’s estranged husband from the institution in where he’s confined as a homicidal maniac after committing the  “Acetylene Murder”.


Maniac 1963 UK Kerwin Mathews Nadia Gray Horror

Stars: Kerwin Mathews, Nadia Gray, Donald Houston

In Maniac, Jeff Farrell, a dissolute drifter down on his luck, is stranded in a cheap bar in France where he falls for Annette. Annette is the proprietor’s pretty stepdaughter. Annette’s stepmother Eve gradually shifts the young man’s attentions to herself, rather than her stepdaughter.

Eve and Jeff concoct a plot to help free Eve’s estranged husband from the institution in which he’s been confined as a homicidal maniac. He’s been there four years after committing the “Acetylene Murder”. He killed the man who raped Annette with a blowtorch. The plan is for husband Georges to leave the country. Unknown to Jeff, it’s not Georges who escapes – it is Henri, a guard who has become Eve’s lover…

Houston underplays, and also has a fetish for oxy-acetylene torches, with which he causes much panic. This adds to this horror-filled 86 minutes filled with little twists and ‘who’s-behind-the-door’ shocks.  It really works.

Tagline: Stalks his wife … his daughter … their lover!

This movie is in full screen Black and White with a run time of 86 minutes.

Director: Michael Carreras
Genres: Crime, Horror, Mystery
Region: 1 (USA, Canada), NTSC

Maniac has one thing and has it in spades—a plot of extraordinary cunning…(It) takes on a twitching suspense that simmers, sizzles and explodes in a neat back flip. – The New York Times

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