McCrea Westerns 4 DVD Set 1950-1955


These movies are reproduced on high quality, professional grade DVD-R discs and come in a 4-DVD holder, standard size case. Artwork is imprinted on the DVDs and cover exactly as shown in the image.

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McCrea Westerns 4 DVD Set 1950-1955

This collection of four popular McCrea Westerns includes Saddle Tramp, Lone Hand, Black Horse Canyon and Stranger on Horseback. McCrea is outstanding – as always – in all four of these great Western classics.

Saddle Tramp 1950 Color NR

Stars of Saddle Tramp: Joel McCrea, Wanda Hendrix, John Russell

Carefree Chuck Connor is on his way west and stops off to see an old friend and his four lads. When his host is killed in a riding accident Chuck realizes he must take care of the family. They hit the road and he takes a job on a ranch, but he has to keep the children hidden as his boss hates kids. There’s also tension with the neighboring ranch, and when a girl on the run from her nasty uncle joins the family unannounced Chuck wonders what he has done to deserve all this.

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The Lone Hand 1953 Color NR

Stars: Joel McCrea, Barbara Hale, Alex Nicol

A farmer, Zachary Hallock (Joel McCrea) and his son Joshua (Jimmy Hunt) try to establish new roots on their farm near a small western town victimized by outlaws. The merchants and ranchers form a vigilante group to oppose the constant threat to their families. They also try to recruit Hallock, but he refuses and instead secretly joins the outlaw band terrorizing the community. His son & new bride Sarah Jane Skaggs (Barbara Hale) don’t understand why he has seemly decided to become an outlaw and has turned his back on everything & everyone most dear to him.

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Black Horse Canyon 1954 Color NR

Stars: Joel McCrea, Mari Blanchard, Race Gentry

Black Horse Canyon is ideally suited for the laconic, take-it-easy and laid-back nature of the always-great Joel McCrea as Del “Rock” Rockwell. Here, he is a man wise to the nature of women and horses, attempting to establish a homestead with the aid of his adopted-son Til (Race Gentry). They join neighboring rancher Alida Spain (Mari Blanchard) in her quest to capture a wild black stallion (Outlaw). Rockwell taunts her while the 20-year-old Til falls in love with her and she, of course, is falling in love with Rockwell. Neighboring rancher Jennings (Murvyn Vye) brings some conflict to the proceedings but nothing that Rockwell can’t handle without the use of guns.

Sample Video from Black Horse Canyon

Stranger on Horseback 1955 Color NR

Stars: Joel McCrea, Miroslava, Kevin McCarthy

This excellent, meaty Western contains an interesting plot, thrills, brawls, shoot ’em up and balances action, suspense and drama. Stranger on Horseback is quite entertaining. During the early days when civilization was pushing its frontiers farther and farther West, there roamed a special creed of men, neither outlaws nor officers of the law, yet more feared than either. Then appears a circuit judge in the old west and he attempts to bring a suspected killer to justice. The stranger judge arrives in town and the powerful owner gives him 12 hours to live. The judge runs afoul of the killer’s rich cattle baron father in the process.

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