Merry Christmas Happy New Year My Love


Greeting cards that have a REAL message! These greeting cards will not only impress, they will touch, move and make people smile. Delivered to you after your payment is complete by way of a link to download a simple PDF format, ready to open and print – over and over again.


Merry Christmas Happy New Year My Love

Merry Christmas Happy New Year My Love us a great card for that very special person you love. A gorgeous Christmas scene on a blue background and wishes at the top for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, My Love”.

The inside poem spans the left and right sides of the card and reads as follows:

The Evergreen is more
than a common Christmas tree,
It’s a glowing reminder
of you, my love, so dear to me.

Each and every twinkling light
is a precious symbol of
the twinkle in the smile
of the face I’ve grown to love.

And every ornament that hangs
upon each branch and bough
brings to mind a memory
that’s dear to me somehow…

Of how I hang on every word
that you share from your heart
and how I wish that I could hold
your hand when we’re far apart.

And just like the evergreen
whose beauty knows no season,
I pray our love grows each year,
which is the special reason…

I cannot help but smile
Each time I see a Christmas tree…
It reminds me of the joy
that loving you brings to me.

At Christmas time and all year through,
You’re always in my thoughts…
You’re always in my heart…
You’re always in my dreams…

All my love, always!

(Author is unknown)

There is room for your personal signature at the bottom of the verse on the right hand side.

On the back of the card, where your special someone goes to peek to see how much you paid, instead he or she will find another expression of love with two hearts and the words, “Especially made for you, with love” at the bottom.

You can print your Christmas greeting card(s) on regular paper or stock greeting card paper, but they do turn out best on card paper. If you wish to purchase greeting card paper, any type you prefer is fine. Just look for half-fold greeting cards. I usually purchase – and recommend – at least an 80 pound paper.

You will receive your download link as soon as your payment is processed. There are NO water markings or other markings on the PDF file. In other words, your recipient(s) will never know you didn’t create this card all by yourself. The only “rule” I have is that you cannot re-sell the PDF file.

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