Minute Tapioca Cookbooks Lot of 3


Welcome to our e-books! As a vintage recipe lover, I thought I’d share some of my vast collection in PDF format. Each cookbook will be available for download after your payment is made. Note that no files are stored on this server.


Minute Tapioca Cookbooks

Lot of 3

This mini-collection consists of three Minute Tapioca cookbooks that define retro! Each Minute Tapioca cookbook was published in the early 1920s.

Following is a description of each of the Minute Tapioca Cookbooks.

A Few Minute Tapioca And Minute Gelatine Recipes 1920

This is a 1920 recipe flyer put out by Minute Tapioca Company.

Recipes include Coffee Jelly, Maple Walnut Tapioca, Chocolate or Cocoa Blanc Mange, Tomato Tapioca Soup, Charlotte Russe, Wine Jelly, Strawberry Tapioca, Pineapple Tapioca, Lemon Jelly, Prune Whip. From Minute Tapioca Company, 1920.

Minute Tapioca Cookbook, 1922

This recipe booklet, put out by Minute Tapioca Company in 1922, contains fascinating information and great recipes. It starts out with a write-up on “12,000 miles to your table”, which explains a bit about the making of their products. Following that is information on “Good Foods for Children”, “For the Sick and Convalescent”, “Planning the Family Diet”, General Directions for Preparing Minute Tapioca Dishes and finally, the recipes.

There are soup recipes, cheese combinations, fish and meat dishes and dessert recipes. The last page of the cookbook is an image, showing the four products of the Minute Tapioca Company.

Recipes For Minute Tapioca – No Soaking, 1923

This is another booklet of Minute Tapioca recipes that states, “The following recipes were written expressly for the use of Minute Tapioca and all have been carefully tested. No other tapioca will give as good results.

Recipes are: Minute Tapioca Tomato Bisque, Minute Tapioca Rabbit, Minute Tapioca White Sauce, Minute Tapioca Cream, Apple Minute Tapioca, Chocolate Minute Tapioca, Maple Flavor Minute Tapioca, Minute Tapioca Potato Soup, Minute Tapioca Casserole Stew, Escalloped Minute Tapioca, Minute Tapioca for Thickening Gravies, Minute Tapioca Baked Indian Pudding, Minute Tapioca Raisin Pie, Fruit Minute Tapioca, Pineapple Minute Tapioca, Minute Tapioca Spring Pudding and Maple Walnut Minute Tapioca.

The last page is a vintage ad, or announcement of their sister product, Minute Gelantine.

Grab these three Minute Tapioca Cookbooks and you’ll never be short of delicious ways to use tapioca again!

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