Murders in the Zoo Supernatural 1933 Double Feature

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Two 1933 horror flicks Murders in the Zoo and Supernatural were the only two horror movies Randolph Scott played a role in before moving on to Westerns.


Murders in the Zoo Supernatural 1933 Double Feature

Murders in the Zoo and Supernatural are two horror flicks from 1933. These are the only two horror movies Randolph Scott played a role in before moving on to becoming one of America’s favorite Western actors.

Murders in the Zoo

Stars: Charles Ruggles, Lionel Atwill, Gail Patrick

Eric Gorman returns with his wife Evelyn from a trip to the Orient collecting zoo animals, having killed a member of his expedition who happened one day to kiss Mrs. Gorman. On board ship Evelyn meets Roger Hewitt, who falls in love with her. After delivering his animals to the zoo, Gorman plots a way to dispose of Hewitt using one of his latest specimens, then continues using the zoo’s non-human residents to do his beastly work.

This is a solid 30’s horror picture with a unique story-line. It also has a pretty potent mean streak for a film of it’s time. The role of Evelyn is played by Kathleen Burke from the horror film of the 30’s, Island of Lost Souls.

Murders in the Zoo is in Black and White. The run time is 62 minutes.

Sample Video from Murders in the Zoo


Stars: Carole Lombard, Randolph Scott, Alan Dinehart

Ruth Rogan is convicted of murder for killing three lovers in New York city and is sentenced to be executed. Meanwhile, lovely Roma Courtenay becomes a millionaire heiress when her brother dies. A spiritualist approaches Roma with an urgent message from her dead brother. He runs a rigged seance that doesn’t convince Roma’s boyfriend, but has Roma confused. Unexpectedly, the executed Ruth Rogan’s spirit takes control of Roma’s body. Roma runs off with the fake spiritualist under Ruth Rogan’s control. Grant desperately tries to track Roma down and return her soul.

This film is quite interesting plot-wise. Texts often refer to “The Uninvited” as the first significant Hollywood film to deal with spirit possession when clearly Supernatural did so as well.

Sample Video from Supernatural



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