Natural Beauty With Lemons – Be Inspired!


An adventure in natural beauty with lemons awaits you if you will follow the simple suggestions in this e-book. Follow Nature’s rules for natural beauty.


Natural Beauty With Lemons

An adventure in natural beauty with lemons awaits you if you will follow the simple suggestions in this e-book!

Discover that your mirror’s verdict need not be accepted as final. Follow Nature’s own rules for natural beauty and you can acquire the natural loveliness of hair, skin and figure. It isn’t the things we can’t help, like big hands or feet, that others seem to mind. It’s the things we can help, like dull hair and blemished skin.

Who wouldn’t wish to remove the handicaps that dull our beauty? Natural beauty is best and safest remedy. Inspire your confidence and improve your appearance with nature.

About the Lemon

For centuries the lemon has been the companion of beauty. In ancient China the lemon was called “Li-Mung“, meaning, “Beneficial to women.” The beautifying powers of the lemon were well known to the physicians of the Renaissance. In early days, love potions were made from the lemon blossom and the fruit. Religious ceremonies used incense made from the fragrant lemon wood.

According to an old legend, a lovely Empress, seeking to make her skin as exquisite as the waxen lotus petals, used lemons. She produced a liquid that made her skin even more beautiful that the silken texture of the flower. The Empress kept her beauty secret hidden from the world in a jeweled box.

All through the never ending pilgrimage for beauty, the lemon has found many uses.

Natural Beauty with Lemons – Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Hair
  • Skin
  • Hands
  • Bath
  • Teeth
  • Figure
  • Homemade Beauty Formulas

The Natural Beauty With Lemons e-Book is 21 pages long and includes illustrations.  As soon as your payment is complete, your e-book will be available for download.  There is a Table of Contents page, as well as bookmarks for each chapter and the content within each chapter.

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For some fun facts and more helpful information regarding lemons, visit Tangy Lemons.  This is from our “foodie” friends over at

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