North West Mounted Police 1942 Cooper Adventure


In North West Mounted Police, Texas Ranger Dusty Rivers travels to Canada in the 1880s in search of Jacques Corbeau, who is wanted for murder.

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North West Mounted Police DVD 1942 Gary Cooper Action Adventure

Stars: Gary Cooper, Madeleine Carroll, Paulette Goddard

North West Mounted Police Story Line. Texas Ranger Dusty Rivers (“Isn’t that a contradiction in terms?“, another character asks) travels to Canada in the 1880’s in search of Jacques Corbeau, who is wanted for murder. He wanders into the midst of the Riel Rebellion, in which Metis and Natives want a separate nation. The Metis are people of French and Native heritage.

Louvette (Paulette Goddard) learns that the rebels plan to attack a lookout post manned by Ronnie and then ambush a Mounties column.  The Rebels are trying to seize an abandoned store of ammunition which would be invaluable to them. By crushing the column, the rebels will demonstrate to wavering Indian forces that the rebellion is worth joining.

Dusty falls for nurse April Logan. Mountie Jim Brett is also in love with April. April’s brother is involved with Courbeau’s daughter Louvette, which leads to trouble during the battles between the rebels and the Mounties. Dusty is determined to bring Corbeau back to Texas, and if he can manage it, April, too.

Did you know? North West Mounted Police was filmed on location in Oregon and California but the film was based on a real life incident in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Product Information

  • Director: Cecil B. DeMille
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Production Co.: Paramount Pictures
  • Run time: 126 minutes
  • Sound: Mono
  • Color: Color (Technicolor)

Sample Video from North West Mounted Police


This movie arrives on a professional grade DVD-R disc placed in a slim jewel case. The cover art is exactly as shown in the image.

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