Pictorial Addition Exercises e-Book


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Pictorial Addition Exercises e-Book

Pictorial addition exercises are great exercise sets for students just learning to add. Pictures of items are used to represent the two addends in an equation. The student adds the two groups of items to come up with the answer.

The puzzles work through numbers 1 to 20, with no equation total going over 20. They are quite simple, but make for great mind exercises in addition to boosting basic math skills.

Pictures used include apples, stars, hearts, snowflakes, circles, leaves – fun, easy to identify pictures for kids of all ages. Plus, the pictures make the pictorial addition exercises more fun. Have kids identify the pictures, in addition to completing the math problems.

The answer keys are included at the end of the PDF e-book. Use your bookmarks to navigate the pages. There are twelve pages of exercises, with ten exercises per page.

PDF files are great because first, they are Eco-friendly, and second, you can use the pages over and over again! The pages print in black and white, so they’re easy on your printer ink. To pick a page and just print one at a time, simply navigate to the page you want to print and choose “print current page”.  As mentioned, you can do so easily by using your bookmark feature in your PDF reader.

These exercises are great for home schooling parents, teachers and anyone in need of basic addition skills. They can also be used as nothing more than a fun mind challenge exercise for anyone at any age. For example, a nursing home senior center activity project. The use of pictures adds a bit of fun to the process!

Upon completion of your payment, you will be given a link to download the pictorial addition exercises in one small PDF file. Once you have this e-book, you can print the math puzzles over and over again. e-Books like this are the purchase that keeps on giving!

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