Primrose Path Ginger Rogers Joel McCrea


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Primrose Path Ginger Rogers Joel McCrea

Stars: Ginger Rogers, Joel McCrea, Marjorie Rambeau

In Primrose Path, Ellie Mae lives on Primrose Hill with her good-hearted and fancy free mother, her drunken father, her younger sister and a mean-spirited grandmother. The Hill is not a good part of town, however. When she meets and falls for a hard-working man, they marry and she hides her past from him. When he discovers the truth it jeopardizes their marriage.

Joel McCrea and Ginger Rogers did some of their best work in this picture. The story is a great one, and it was well executed.

Prirose Path Trivia: This film missed out on well deserved Oscar nominations because of its risqué material, such as the clear themes of prostitution and alcoholism. It ran into trouble with the Hollywood censor boards in many scenes, which is why Ginger Rogers did not receive an Oscar nomination (which she should have done in many people’s opinion).

Product Information for Primrose Path

  • Director: Gregory La Cava
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Production Co.: RKO Radio Pictures
  • Run time: 93 minutes
  • Sound: Mono
  • Color: Black and White

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