Robocop 1988 Animated Series Complete


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Robocop 1988 Animated Series Complete Color NR

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Stars: Robert Bockstael, Barbara Budd, Len Carlson

Alex Murphy, a police officer, mortally wounded in the line of duty, is turned into a powerful cyborg and continues to serve the public trust, protect the innocent and uphold the law.

Cyborg cop Alex Murphy (RoboCop), fights to save the city of Old Detroit from assorted rogue elements, and on occasion, fighting to reclaim aspects of his humanity and maintain his usefulness in the eyes of the “Old Man”, Chairman of OCP.

Product Information

  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Episode run time: Approximately 21 minutes each
  • Number of episodes: 12
  • Sound Mix: Mono | Stereo
  • Color: Color
  • Genres: Action, Animation, Sci-Fi

Crime Wave, Oct. 1 1988. Jealous over OCP choosing the development of RoboCop instead of his projects like ED-260, Dr. McNamara hires a gang of hoods called the Vandals to wreck Old Detroit with the help of his gadgets and prove that RoboCop is useless.

Scrambler, Oct. 8 1988. An imprisoned former OCP employee hacks into RoboCop and orders him to begin a campaign of revenge against the OCP heads.

Project Deathspore, Oct. 15 1988. OCP creates Deathspore, a dangerous robot that feeds on energy. It escapes and starts sucking Detroit’s power sources dry.

The Brotherhood, Oct.22 1988. Robocop must stop a high-tech gang that hates robots and wants to destroy them all by messing with their programming which endangers everyone around the machines.

The Man in the Iron Suit, Oct. 29 1988. Doctor McNamara creates a powerful robotic exoskeleton in an attempt to prove that his inventions are better than Robocop. OCP organizes a competition between Murphy and a lieutenant who wears the exoskeleton and hates Robocop.

The Hot Seat, Nov. 5 1988. Doctor McNamara who hates Robocop, frees Vandals, the gang he once used against Murphy, from prison to steal Murphy’s charging chair. If Robocop runs out of juice before he can get his chair back, he’s toast.

No News is Good News, Nov. 12 1988. Doctor McNamara reprograms OCP’s new tank AV7 to target everyone it sees. Meanwhile, a sleazy reporter tries to defame Robocop.

Night of the Archer, Nov. 19 1988. A vigilante who calls himself Archer and acts like a modern day Robin Hood by stealing from the rich to give to the poor, may have ulterior motive for his “heroic crimes”.

Rumble in Old Detroit, Nov. 26 1988. Metro West Police Station gets robbed and a huge shipment of guns ends up on the street which leads to an all out gang warfare throughout the city over who gets to hold it. Can Murphy stop the madness?

A Robot’s Revenge, Dec. 3 1988. Two warring political leaders from Middle East arrive in Detroit to sign a peace treaty. Robocop and his partner Officer Anne Lewis must protect them. Terrorists send a modified ED-260 assault robot to assassinate everyone.

Into the Wilderness, Dec. 10 1988. When it’s discovered that an OCP factory is polluting a whole ecosystem, including the bodies of water, Robocop tries to stop this.

Menace of the Mind, Dec. 17 1988. Clarence Boddicker, the sadistic criminal who shot Officer Alex J. Murphy which lead to Alex’s current state of being a man and a machine known as Robocop, has reappeared. Can Murphy bring himself to arrest him and not kill him?


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