Seniors Exercise Guidelines PDF e-Book


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Seniors Exercise Guidelines PDF e-Book

You are never too old to be buff. Seniors Exercise Guidelines explain how you can build muscle mass and reap the benefits from weight training or other forms of exercise well into old age. The key is slowly adding weight and repetitions. There is no upper age limit.

Men and women in their retirement years can do the same exercise routines as “younger” people and reap both physical and psychological benefits. However, the exercises should be performed at a slower pace to reduce any possibility of injury. One thing we cannot help is the fact that as we age, we are more susceptible to injury – no what shape we are in.

If you are elderly and healthy, all you need do is continue working hard and add more weights and repetitions as you feel you can. You should not over-do it, but do enough that you feel you are working at a challenging pace. This way, you will see results. Free weights are the most highly recommended way to build strength and stamina not only for the elderly, but for those of all ages. You get a mental boost as well as physical improvements.
In addition, those who work out regularly fall less and consequently, suffer fewer injuries.

Note: Always check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program, and always proceed with tender-loving self care and caution. Most suggested exercises are safe for anyone. That said, this is your health and wellness we’re discussing so prior to beginning anything suggested in the Seniors Exercise Guidelines, you may wish to consult with your physician, especially if you have a health condition. If you’ve already been given the green light – and encouragement – to get more exercise, the Seniors Exercise Guidelines e-book should get you going on the right path!

Seniors Exercise Guidelines Table of Contents

  • Never Too Late
  • What Kinds of Activities Improve Health and Ability?
  • What Exercises Should I Do and How Much?
  • How Much Physical Activity Is Enough?
  • Is it Safe For You to Exercise?
  • How to Keep Going
  • Finding A Qualified Fitness Professional
  • Increasing Activity
  • How Much Should I Exercise?
  • How to Improve Endurance
  • Tips on How to Gauge Your Effort
  • Examples of Endurance Activities
  • Improving Your Strength
  • How Much, How Often
  • Anytime, Anywhere Balance Exercises
  • Exercise Safety Measures
  • If All Else Fails, WALK!

The Seniors Exercise Guidelines e-book is 23 pages long and includes illustrations.  As soon as your payment is complete, your e-book will be available for download.

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