Six Bridges to Cross Tony Curtis Crime Drama


In Six Bridges to Cross, a cops friendship with a likable rogue he shot on duty, becomes strained. Hope for his reform dwindles. Can Jerry redeem himself?


Six Bridges to Cross 1955 Tony Curtis Crime Drama

Starring: Tony Curtis, George Nader, Julie Adams

Six Bridges to Cross Story Line. Youth gang leader Jerry Florea is shot fleeing from a crime scene by rookie cop Ed Gallagher. Result: “he’ll never have children of his own.” Ed and Jerry develop a mutually beneficial friendship. Jerry gets the benefit of the doubt, Ed gets information that brings him rapid promotion. As years and jail terms go by, Ed’s friendship with this likable rogue becomes strained and hope for his reform dwindles. Can Jerry redeem himself in the end?

Tony Curtis gives one of the best performances of his career as the mastermind of an armored car robbery. Six Bridges to Cross avoids cliches and goes straight to original character development. The film pays meticulous detail to the orchestration of the caper. Thoroughly absorbing from every standpoint.

Tagline: Does This Smile Hide the Secret Behind the Great $2,500,000 Boston Robbery?

Trivia: Sammy Davis Jr. sings the film’s theme song. He was en route to the recording studio to sing this song that he had the car accident that caused him to lose an eye.

Product Information for Six Bridges to Cross

  • Director: Joseph Pevney
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Production Co: Universal International Pictures
  • Run time: 96 minutes
  • Sound Mix: Mono
  • Color: Black and White

Sample Video from Six Bridges to Cross


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