Snuffy Smith and Barney Google Series


This set is produced on professional grade DVD+R dual-layer discs and come in slim 2-disc case. Artwork is imprinted on the DVD and case exactly as shown in the image.


Snuffy Smith and Barney Google DVD 1964-65 Complete Cartoon Series Color NR

Stars: Paul Frees, Penny Philips, Doodles Weaver

Go back to a kinder, more fun time with Snuffy Smith and Barney Google! The character of Snuffy Smith had been done approximately two decades prior to the inception of the syndicated, animated series. Snuffy Smith was a hillbilly friend of Barney Google, who figures prominently in the stories.

Each of the cartoon episodes opened with Snuffy singing a theme song, starting with: “Oh-oh-oh, Great Balls of Fire I’m Beaudacious…“, etc. It is truly peppy, memorable and sets the tone and mood for some rib-ticklers. Many familiar with this fun cartoon series have to vote for Snuff and Company as having given us them the most yuks per episode.

A fun trip down memory lane for us older folks and a wonderful way to show kids just how good, old-fashioned innocent, fun cartoons can be most entertaining!

Sample Video from Snuffy Smith and Barney Google

Product Information

  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Also known as “Barney Google”
  • Production Co.: Famous Studies
  • Run time: 50 episodes at approximately 6 minutes each
  • Color: Color

This DVD set is produced on professional-grade DVD+R dual layer disks. The set will come encased in a slim 2-disc case as shown in the images.

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