Tap Roots 1948 Van Heflin Western Drama


Tap Roots, 1860s Mississippi, the Dabneys, founders of the Dabney plantation experience tragedy when they refuse to pick a side of the American Civil War.


Tap Roots 1948 Van Heflin Susan Hayward Drama Western

Stars: Van Heflin, Susan Hayward, Boris Karloff

In Tap Roots, it’s 1860’s Mississippi and the Dabneys, founders of the Dabney plantation in Levington, experience tragedy and turmoil when they refuse to join either side of the American Civil War.

Morna Dabney is engaged to soldier Clay MacIvor in the days before the War Between the States. Morna’s grandfather, Big Sam Dabney, founded their Mississippi plantation near Levington, which thrives in the Deep South. As Mississippi secedes, Hoab plans to withdraw the area around his plantation and remain neutral, and he gains support from local newspaperman Keith Alexander. Keith falls in love with Morna, whose fiance Clay has joined the Southern Army. Clay plans to punish the would-be neutral citizens of Levington by raiding the area, but Morna, with the help of her grandfather’s Choctaw friend Tishomingo, attempts to thwart the attack. Morna sacrifices greatly to protect her home and the man she really loves.

Did you know? A radio version of Tap Roots, with Van Heflin, Susan Hayward and Richard Long reprising their film roles, was broadcast by the Lux Radio Theatre on September 27, 1948.

Product Information

  • Director: George Marshall
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Production Co.: Walter Wanger Productions
  • Run time: 109 minutes
  • Sound: Mono
  • Color: Color (Technicolor)
  • Region: 1 (USA, Canada), NTSC

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1948 ad for the film Tap Roots
1948 ad for the film Tap Roots

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