Time Passages Exercises Printable PDF


This Time Passages Exercises file is a PDF e-Book designed to help students learn how to determine the passages of time.


Time Passages Exercises Printable PDF

Time Passages are designed to help students learn how to determine the passages of time. For each exercise, there are two clocks. One shows a specific time, the other is void of a time. Underneath the two clocks will be an amount of time the student will use to fill in the clock hands of the empty clock. Please see the images for specific examples.

BONUS: You will also get a free bonus e-book with fifty exercises on time conversions with this order! See more below.

After the exercise pages in the e-books, you have all the answer keys for quick reference. Use your PDF  Reader’s bookmarks to navigate the e-book. To print just one page, navigate to the desired page and use the “print current page” option in your printer’s properties.

Simply pick any page you’d like to print and print! All of the exercises are in plain black and white to save on printer ink. On the answer key pages, the answers are in a maroon color.

This e-book consists of 48 exercises total, eight exercises per page. The Time Passages e-book is a total of 12 pages long. There are six pages of exercises and six pages of answer keys. e-Books like this are the purchase that keeps on giving!

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Free Time Conversion Worksheets

For the free time conversions e-book, you have the student convert the given measures of time to alternate measures of time.

Free Time Conversions e-Book Included

Terms of Use

When your payment is complete, you will receive a link to download your Time Passages e-book. You may print the worksheets as often and as much as you please. You may not re-sell the PDF file or the worksheets contained within.

There are no refunds on digital downloads. Should you have any difficulty with your download or lose your file, contact me within 30 days and I’ll send you a new copy.

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