Toddlers Bible Word Search Puzzles Ages 3 to 5


A printable e-book of Bible word search puzzles for kids age 3 and up. Fun, educational and brain exercises all in one! Print them all, or pick from the list and print just one as needed.


Toddlers Bible Word Search Puzzles Ages 3 to 5

A Toddlers Bible word search puzzle book for children ages three to five. Fun, Christian education and brain stimulation all in one! Print them all, or pick from the list and print just one as needed.

These word search puzzles all have Biblical topics. Each one is meant to help children learn about God’s word. To navigate the puzzles, use your PDF reader’s bookmarks or the Table of Contents. Each puzzle is linked to from the Table of Contents by title. Print them over and over, year after year!

This is a great book to have on hand for home-schoolers, Sunday School teachers, CEP, or just as a parent who wants to help his or her child learn about the Bible in a way that is fun. Repeated-doing helps kids remember what they’re learning.

With this Toddlers Bible Word Search book you have a never-ending supply. In addition to being Eco and budget-friendly, the puzzle pages are also easy on your printer ink. Each page is in black and white and will print crisp and clear.

Toddlers Bible Word Search Puzzles

  1. About the Bible
  2. Abraham and Lot
  3. Abraham and Sarah
  4. Angels of the Bible
  5. Armor of God
  6. Child of God
  7. Christmas
  8. Church and Respect
  9. Daniel and the Lions
  10. David and Goliath
  11. Easter
  12. Elijah Prays
  13. Esther the Queen
  14. Father’s Day
  15. Free Gift
  16. Fruit of the Spirit
  17. Gideon
  18. Good Samaritan
  19. Hannah
  20. Heaven
  21. Jacob and Esau
  22. Jacob’s Ladder
  23. Jesus Baptized
  24. Jesus Feeds 5000
  25. Heals Leper
  26. Jesus Walks on Water
  27. Jonah
  28. Joseph
  29. Lord’s Prayer
  30. Lost Coin
  31. Moses
  32. Mother’s Day
  33. Noah’s Ark
  34. Palm Sunday
  35. Parable of the Talents
  36. Pentecost
  37. Psalm 23
  38. Ruth and Naomi
  39. Samson and Delilah
  40. Sermon on the Mount
  41. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
  42. Sower and the Seed
  43. Tower of Babel
  44. Twelve Disciples
  45. Unmerciful Servant
  46. Zacchaeus


Since these are meant for children, pre-school to 5 years of age, the answers are easily found by an adult. As such, there are no answer sheets for the puzzles.

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