Under Eighteen Marian Marsh Drama


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Under Eighteen DVD 1931 Drama NR Marian Marsh Black and White

Starring: Marian Marsh, Anita Page, Regis Toomey

A poor seamstress girl sours on her engagement to a grocery deliveryman after seeing her sister’s abusive marriage. Trying to help her sister pay for a divorce lawyer, she turns to a rich playboy she met at work.

Under Eighteen is a cautionary tale for the working girl that was lost in the shuffle of too many similar programmers released that same year. Seen today, it provides a unique window into the past when studios like Warner Bros catered to blue collar audiences, particularly women, with movie plots that mirrored situations and circumstances in the lives of their audience.

Complete Cast: Marian Marsh, Anita Page, Regis Toomey, Warren William, Norman Foster, Joyce Compton, J. Farrell MacDonald, Claire Dodd, Paul Porcasi, Maude Eburne, Murray Kinnell, Dorothy Appleby, Lilian Bond, Wade Boteler, Mary Doran, Emma Dunn, Dorothy Granger, Otto Hoffman, Shep Houghton, Olaf Hytten, Claude King, Edward LeSaint, Claire McDowell, Walter McGrail, Harold Miller, Dennis O’Keefe, Ben Taggart, Edward Van Sloan, Judith Vosselli, Kathrin Clare Ward

Product Information

  • Run time: 1:20
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Romance, Drama
  • Director: Archie Mayo
  • Color: Black and White
  • Studio: Warner Bros.


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