Undertow 1949 Scott Brady Crime Drama


Undertow has a quite derivative screenplay with an an ex-convict is framed for a murder. Film noir buffs – give it a chance – it thoroughly deserves it.


Undertow DVD 1949 Scott Brady Crime Drama

Starring: Scott Brady, John Russell, Dorothy Hart

On his way home to Chicago, Reagan shares the flight with a schoolteacher, Ann McKnight, someone he met at a Reno casino and helped win at the gambling table. Reagan arrives home and is met by the police. It seems that Reagan is a suspect as a potential trouble maker due to his past dispute with a Chicago mob kingpin, Big Jim, his fiancee’s uncle. The police put a tail on him, which he shakes on a Chicago elevated train. Reagan meets up with his bride-to-be, Sally Lee. He tells her he will go to Big Jim to make peace. But when the uncle is murdered, Reagan is framed for the murder.

Undertow is a 1949 American film-noir crime film directed by William Castle and starring Scott Brady, John Russell, Dorothy Hart and Peggy Dow. It is the story of an ex-con, a former Chicago mobster, who is accused of the murder of a high-ranking Chicago boss. The movie marks the second film to feature a young actor named Rock Hudson and the first in which he received a film credit for his work.

Undertow” has a quite derivative screenplay and any film noir buff should give it a chance – it thoroughly deserves it. It features at least one unforgettable scene: a chase in a long corridor which gives you goose flesh.

Product Information for Undertow

  • Director: William Castle
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Production Co.: Universal International
  • Run time: 71 minutes
  • Sound: Mono
  • Color: Black and White

Sample Video from Undertow


This movie arrives on a professional grade DVD-R disc placed in a slim jewel case. The cover art is exactly as shown in the image.

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Drama, Film-Noir

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