Unfaithfully Yours 1948 Musical Comedy


In Unfaithfully Yours, Sir Alfred suspects his wife of cheating. While conducting an orchestra, he imagines 3 different ways of dealing with the situation.


Unfaithfully Yours DVD 1948 Rex Harrison Comedy Music Black & White

Starring: Rex Harrison, Linda Darnell, Rudy Vallee

Unfaithfully Yours Story Line. Harrison plays Sir Alfred De Carter, a famous symphony conductor who has recently wed the beautiful and much younger Daphne (Darnell). Sir Alfred must go on a concert tour and asks his brother to look after Daphne while he is away. He merely wanted his brother to drop in on Daphne from time to time. When Sir Alfred returns from his tour, he is shocked to find out that his brother hired a private detective to shadow his wife.

When shown the detective’s file, Sir Alfred is outraged and refuses to look at it. However, he is eventually confronted with the sleuth’s findings, which reveals that while he was away, Daphne made a very suspicious late night call to a man’s room wearing only a negligee. He is further devastated to find out that the rogue in question is his own right-hand man, Tony. Tony is a handsome, dapper fellow more closer in age to Daphne. Believing the worst, Sir Alfred’s pristine world is suddenly turned upside down, and he becomes a man consumed with jealousy and suspicion.

Though he directed a few more movies over the years, Unfaithfully Yours was the last great hurrah from one of Hollywood’s greatest comedy writer-directors, Preston Sturges. But what a way to go out!

Product Information

  • Director: Preston Sturges
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Production Co.: Twentieth Century Fox
  • Run time: 105 minutes
  • Sound: Mono
  • Color: Black and White

Sample Video From Unfaithfully Yours


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