Unguarded Moment Crime Drama


In The Unguarded Moment, a woman has recently been murdered. A teacher at the nearby high school receives threatening notes from a student and he stalks…


The Unguarded Moment 1956 Esther Williams Crime Drama Color

Starring: Esther Williams, George Nader, John Saxon

Lois Conway (Williams) works as a music teacher at a local high school in a small town, where recently a woman was found murdered. When she starts receiving notes from an anonymous admirer, she suspects her favorite student Sandy (Wilder) is responsible, and tells him they could never be lovers. The notes grow more violent and when, in her latest letter, she is invited to meet at the school’s lockers at night, Lois decides to visit, hoping to stop the young man. There, she is attacked by an initial shadowy figure, whom she later identifies as Leonard Bennett (Saxon), the high school’s star football player. Her teaching career is threatened, as is her life. The detective looks for evidence, and brings him in on burglary and murder charges, but Lois wants to drop the matter in hopes of it blowing over.

Soon the story spreads around school, and with gossip surrounding Lois allegedly pursuing Leonard, both her personal and professional life becomes a mess. One day, she pulls him out of class and tries to reason with him, but he refuses to listen to her. Meanwhile, she grows closer to Graham, who does not understand why she is sympathetic to Leonard…

Product Information

  • Director: Harry Keller
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Production Co.: Universal International Pictures (UI)
  • Run time: 95 minutes
  • Sound: Mono
  • Color: Color (Technicolor)

Sample Video from The Unguarded Moment


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Drama, Film-Noir

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