Valentine Recipes e-Cookbook


Welcome to our e-books! As a vintage and modern recipe lover, I thought I’d share some of my vast collection in PDF format. Each cookbook will be available for download after your payment is made. Note that no files are stored on this server.


Valentine Recipes e-Cookbook

The simple and easy guide to delicious Valentine recipes! This is a 167 page e-cookbook with 165 delicious, sweet treats and good eats especially for Valentine’s day. Enjoy with that special someone or with your entire family!

This is a simple, all-text cookbook in PDF format for quick loading and surfing through. Plus, e-cookbooks are Eco-friendly! Only print the page of the recipe you want, when you want. Spill something on it? No problem! Just print a fresh page. Plus you can print copies for sharing and if someone asks you for your recipe, just pop open your e-cookbook and print the page for them. No sitting there writing it out.

Included in the images is the entire table of contents, listing every recipe included in this cookbook. There’s everything from appetizers, to salads, sides and main dishes to Valentine inspired beverages, sweet treats, desserts and more.

For example, whip up a raspberry chocolate heart tart valentine recipe for you and that special someone.  A fun valentine recipe for kids is Pink Popcorn Surprises. And who wouldn’t enjoy caviar kisses!? Why there’s even a valentine recipe for Chocolate Alien Valentine Cookies!

We all know oysters have aphrodisiacs, so how about Grilled Oysters with Herb Chevre and Parma Ham? For dessert, Lover’s Chocolate Mousse. Yummy!

Toast each other with a Mock Pink Lady or go with Penne Vodka for a little kick.

The combinations and possibilities for making a super special Valentine’s Day for you and yours are endless.

PLUS! You’ll also get a bonus Valentine’s day cookbook FREE with your purchase. The second cookbook is smaller but packed with great recipes from appetizers, main courses, side dishes, dreamy desserts, beverages and even a page of Valentine’s Day meal tips.

With these two e-cookbooks, all your Valentine’s day cooking and baking needs will be met, year after year!

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