Vintage No Loitering Sign Printable PDF


Your sign will be delivered to you via email as soon as your payment is complete. The sign is in a computer-friendly PDF format and prints out at 300 dpi on a standard 8-1/2 x 11-inch piece of paper..


Vintage No Loitering Sign Printable PDF

Orange and brown accents with an aged picture make this fun and functional Vintage No Loitering Sign unique. Great for your home or your business.

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs… (if you’re old enough, you’ll remember that song. If not, well, never mind!)

This sign is done with a white background and a  thin brown frame. In the middle is a very old image of a crowd loitering. In large, bold, vintage font the sign reads, “NO LOITERING” in noticeable orange font.

This sign is contained within a PDF file that you print yourself. The sign prints out at a crisp, clear 300 dpi and a size of 8 x 10 on a standard 8-1/2 x 11-inch paper size. It is highly recommended you print your sign on photo paper using your printer’s photo settings for the best results; however, you can use any paper you choose. You can also have a printing service use the PDF file to print your sign on any paper or item desired.

Note: There are NO water markings or copyrights on the printed Vintage No Loitering Sign.

By having this Vintage No Loitering Sign handy in a PDF file, you can print one anytime yours needs refreshing! Or perhaps you want to post several – one file, as many as you need! These signs look great in a frame, laminated or on their own.  You could also email the PDF file to a printer to professionally print the sign on material suitable for outside.

After your payment is processed, you will receive a link to download your new Vintage No Loitering Sign.

You may print as many of the signs as you like, and post or hang as many as you wish, but you may not re-sell the PDF file.

Would you like a printed copy by mail?

If you would prefer a printed copy by mail, feel free to contact me and let me know. The cost would be $12.00, including shipping and handling. I would have to invoice you via email for payment. My payment processor (Stripe) accepts all major credit cards as well as ACH (check) payments. The certificate award would be printed on professional grade white photo paper on a high quality photo printer. It would then be mailed to in a sturdy mailer within 24 business hours.

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